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Please watch the video above, which will give you information about our program, and about how to apply and then contact us to discuss how the Interdisciplinary Studies Program might best serve your needs. You can also jump-start the process by beginning to fill out the declaration form linked below.

Students work with the Interdisciplinary Studies Program to design nontraditional, individualized, and interdisciplinary courses of study. Our advisors assist students in determining the appropriateness of their plans, inform students of the B.I.S. curricular guidelines and provide guidance on the application process. With our assistance, students delineate their educational goals and design their interdisciplinary curricula by drawing on a variety of course offerings. Each student’s plan must define a specific focus area that combines a minimum of two or three areas of study.

The proposed interdisciplinary curriculum plan will be evaluated by the advisor, and then by the director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Each plan will be evaluated based on compliance with university degree requirements as well as B.I.S. curriculum and individualized program requirements. Students will be notified in writing (via email) of the director's decision to either accept the plan, or require further modification.

After admission to the program, students will follow their approved, finalized, individualized curriculum plan, which will be reflected in their Degree Works page. The finalized curriculum plan is the official permanent record of the student’s degree requirements. Any proposed adjustments to the curricular plan must be submitted, along with a written justification for the changes, to the advisor, and must be approved by the program director before they become official.

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